5 Things I do as a Mom that I should feel bad about (but don’t)

my precious

As parents, we all have moments of self doubt. Just about everyone of us has probably felt like our parenting was under some level scrutiny from time to time as well. We’ve felt judged by other parents. We’ve felt judged by people who aren’t even parents. Hell, we’ve even judged ourselves! Any of these things can make […]

It Depends

Whenever someone asks me to jump on a trampoline,  I tell them it just Depends @NoDomesticDiva

Often times when someone talks about all the ‘firsts’ that come after having a baby it’s things like the baby’s first words, baby’s first tooth, baby’s first steps… But when it’s a woman’s first child, a new mother goes through all kinds of firsts too. First touch. First smile. First time hearing someone call you Mom. Not […]

Momz Club

The Momz Club

In motherhood I’ve found an abundance of many things.  There’s so much love, joy, laughter, laundry… My cup doesn’t runneth over in all things, however. Perhaps second only to a Mom’s lack of sleep is her near nonexistent sense of privacy. For me there’s no place in my home that’s exclusively mine, and really there’s no […]

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