Momz Club

The Momz Club

In motherhood I’ve found an abundance of many things.  There’s so much love, joy, laughter, laundry… My cup doesn’t runneth over in all things, however. Perhaps second only to a Mom’s lack of sleep is her near nonexistent sense of privacy. For me there’s no place in my home that’s exclusively mine, and really there’s no […]

My Trumpets are Busted…and other parts too.

Young Man Holding Trumpet On Wallpaper

You know Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets?” Well, the strangest thing keeps happening to me whenever I hear that song. There’s the part where I get undressed, then the symphonies in his head, but right after the drums start to swing low.  Take a listen when my trumpets they go… (Click the quick audio below) Of course the drums aren’t […]

#TBT – Some things never change

Never grow up

I love looking through all the photos for #TBT (or Throw Back Thursday for those who aren’t fluent in hashtag trend speak). While at my parent’s house recently, I came across a picture of me taken about 34 years ago.  When I saw it I knew right away that I wanted to share it on a […]

A weight has been lifted…or dropped…possibly drooped.

An unexpected feeling fell over me as I sat working on a hectic Monday morning. After sitting in one spot for a number of hours, hunched over my computer and working through some deadlines, I felt as though a weight had been lifted.  It was quite an odd sensation because there was no reason that I […]

2014 Bad Holiday Gift Guide

Leopard Jean Boot Sandals from Bad Holiday Gift Guide @NoDomesticDivas

It’s seems hard to believe, but here we are at the 5th Annual Bad Holiday Gift Guide! 1.  Leopard Jean Sandal Boots – On each of my Bad Gift Guides, I always like to include a fashionable present.  On past lists you can find treasures like meat panties, white denim bikini  jeans, picnic pants and more.  This […]

Win a $100 Target Gift Card from Hyundai #Smarter

smarter pic

Hyundai thinks I’m #smarter.  Must be the glasses. Actually, this month Hyundai has been celebrating the success of women with the Hyundai #Smarter campaign. Hyundai recognizes that women are changing the world each and every day and they are honoring their courage and accomplishments in a series of videos. After learning about the campaign I agreed to […]

10 More Bad Gifts I Want for Myself this Year (2014)

10 Bad Gifts I hope I get this year | funny gift list |

From what readers have told me, my Bad Gift Guides seem to be a blend of the absolutely awful and the uniquely awesome. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gag gift, something daringly different to present, or maybe you just want to give a gift that will convey your negative feelings towards someone, you’ve come […]

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