I’m not aging, I’m evolving

By now, you all know how I roll on my birthday… I prefer to spend the day basking in denial, sitting on a thrown of lies…and possibly while wearing this tee shirt. Hey, it’s my party, and I’ll lie if I want to… This year might not be much different either.  As I write this on […]

That’s not lip balm

Yesterday was a little hectic. All the clothes belonging to my husband and I were out of drawers and piled high in laundry baskets; my frames and knick-knacks were carefully stacked in boxes in my closet, and all of my bedding was stripped. My room had been emptied of all the furniture with exception of […]

Birds of Prey

Wildlife. My kids are into it – big time. We watch and read lots of National Geographic, Discovery Channel, are members of our local zoo, and these kids pretty much love anything that has to do with animals. It was a real obvious treat a couple years when we spotted not one but two bald eagles […]

Conserve like a Kid in 3 Easy Steps

Okay, so I know I haven’t had much success with teaching my kids about conservation, but it’s not that I’m not trying.  I like to look at it as an evolving process, one that’s starting to take shape.  In fact, just today I witnessed three ways which my kids are conserving…in their own way. 1. […]

Ode to Laundry

Recycling my favorite original poem. Okay, it’s my only poem, but still… How’s the summer going so far?  As you might have guessed from my recycled post, I’m pretty much living a summer-Mom version of “Groundhog’s Day.” This is my first full week home since the end of May, so I’m hoping *this* is the […]

Describing My Body After Kids With Movie Titles

Do you Twitter?  I try, but I’m truly horrible at keeping up with it.  Suffering from a lifetime of being long-winded, I’ve always been more of a Facebook kind of girl if for no other reason than I hate being limited to 140 characters per post.  I also have sort of a love/hate relationship with hashtags, and unless […]

If my kids worked for Hallmark (Father’s Day Edition)

For Father’s Day, you’ve got my usual awesome suggestions for gifts, but in addition to that this year my kids are stepping in and helping out with the cards for Dad too! On our 4th day of summer vacation, and third day in a row of miserable weather, I decided a nice craft (and anytime I […]

10 Father’s Day Gifts So Bad They’re Awesome 2014

Moms had their turn with my Bad Mother’s Day Gifts, which can only mean on thing – it’s time to show the love to Dads now! 1. Meggings (Man Leggings) - A garment of controversy, leggings walk a fine line between pants and undergarments, but why should women be the only ones to push the boundaries of […]

The 7 People I Slept with Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, about an hour after my 4yr old was tucked into bed, she decided to practice her tightrope walking skills along the side rail of her bed, and she of course fell and hit her head. She had a goose egg on the back of her head, but after a couple minutes of tears […]

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