Diagnosis Unknown

So my original intention was to do a post on New Year’s Resolutions…three days ago.  Life, as usual, has sidetracked me.  If you read my last post, you know we spent much of our holiday vacation with sick kids.  On Monday, one week after my daughter was seen and treated for an ear infection, she broke out in a rash.  It now is from the top of her head all the way down to her knees.

The exact diagnosis is unknown, but the doctor suspects either a drug reaction to the antibiotic (which she had never had before) or a virus.  So since Monday morning, I’ve basically been in panic mode watching one more red spot after another pop up on my daughter’s skin and grow into red blotchy clusters.  I’ve been taking her temperature (which has remained normal- which is more than I can say for me), pressing on the spots to make sure they “blanch,” and paying close attention to certain areas like the palms of her hands and soles of her feet.  I am thankful for two things at this point. 1) The doctor said the original ear infection cleared and 2) The rash doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all.  In fact, the worst part about it for Cecilia is dealing with my constant poking and prodding.

This morning, Cecilia’s face seems a little better and the red clusters have faded a bit, so we’re still doing a “wait and see” approach with whatever this is.  Now that I think she’s not at risk of some kind of anaphylactic shock, I’ve settled down a bit too.  So maybe I can start working on the New Year’s Resolution I never end up keeping…

Here’s a picture of what my sweet little baby normally looks like:

Cecilia Thanksgiving 2010

Here’s what my sweet baby is dealing with now (this was yesterday morning- hope her outfit doesn’t clash with her skin):

And here’s last night, probably at its worst (keep in mind these are from her scalp all the way to her knees):

I hope we’ve seen the worst of it, and like I said, I’m so extremely thankful that it doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all. Joey think she looks like a leopard and Jake keeps calling her a “leper” (which for the time being I don’t find funny) and telling me to make sure she’s not growing a tail.  I’ll be keeping an ever watchful (and annoying) eye on her until the last spot goes away.

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  1. Charli Nolan says

    My daughter had an identical reaction after being on amoxicillin. I mean the exact same rash! It didn’t bother her at all, but Benedryl cleared it up completely within about a day and a half. You have my sympathies, I have never been good at wait and see…definitely more of a “flip out and panic” type!

    • Domestic Diva says

      Thanks for the comment, Charli! Not good that your daughter had a reaction, but glad to know it looks similar. I really think that’s what it is too based on what some friends and family have told me, but I’m terrible at not knowing exactly what’s wrong (in any situation, but involving my kids makes me even more crazy than normal)…they told me to give her Zyrtec but it didn’t seem to do much other than make her sleepy….ugh…who knows! I just hope it clears up soon!

  2. says

    Wow. That is a pretty crazy rash. Reminds me of the one I got from scraping wallpaper in my bedroom when I was 11, except that one was so itchy I made myself bleed from scratching.

    Glad to hear it isn’t bothering her as much as it’s bothering you, though for both your sakes I hope it clears up very soon!

    • Domestic Diva says

      i hope it clears soon too…she’s getting really irritated with me :) Her face looks less red, so I hope that it’s clearing. Most people keep saying it looks like a reaction, but the only has me wondering is that she isn’t bothered at all. Otherwise, I’d say it was hives? She’s way too little to explain it either. Ugh.

      Thanks for the well wishes too…I think i need to chill a little too!

        • says

          I suspect this is from her antibiotic, but the doctor seemed to think it could have been a rash from a virus too. I’d call your doc…with little ones it could be anything from an allergy to detergent, food, medication or even from a virus…I’d call your pediatrician to have him checked. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. says

    Hi. I stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did. Just wanted to comment that that looks like a classic antibiotic reaction rash! I hope she gets to feeling better soon.
    Anyway, I’ll be back around. I am also following you on Twitter now as well!

    • Domestic Diva says

      Hi Michelle-

      Thanks for reading & for the comment- If you’ve seen this before too, I sure am glad you found me too! I hate not knowing, but the general consensus from other Moms seems to be an allergic reaction…..she’s actually looking better this afternoon now (it’s almost all a light oink from a bright red yesterday)….hope you come back another time!


  4. Kristin says

    My daughter too, was diagnosed with an ear infection, prescribed amoxcicillin, and broke out with the same exact rash your daughter has. We took her to the Dr. On Monday and got the same response (virus)… Hope both babies clear up soon. 😉

    • Domestic Diva says


      Sorry your little one is sick too…and I hope that she feels better soon! Good to know though that other people are seeing the same thing…whether the doctors agree or not, I’ll be asking for a different antibiotic the next time (which I hope is not any time soon)!! Thanks for the comment!!

  5. says

    With or without splotches, she’s gorgeous! Hope all is okay! My youngest had a similar rash as an infant in response to Penicillin. It didn’t bother him either. Freaked the hell out of me, though. Good luck!

  6. Amie says

    Oh, you’re having one of THOSE weeks. My kids are FAMOUS for their crazy rashes that have no known origin or cause. Seriously. I’ve all but given up going to the doctor. After all, having four kids means you know everything, right?!

    Hope the rash clears quickly. Glad she’s in no pain. I know the stress it puts on mama is plenty. Hang in there! XO

    • Domestic Diva says

      LOL…thanks for the laugh…and it’s not one of THOSE weeks….it’s more like months, maybe years!!!

      Today Mama is going to try to chill…since she’s looking better!

  7. says

    Yep, my 18 months old just had the same thing. Today the rash is finally getting better. First there was runny nose, then fever and cough and the day his fever broke, he broke out in the same rash. Benedryl was great. Helped the rash and helped him sleep. Poor kid. It looks so awful doesn’t it. They just look like a totaly mess.

    • Domestic Diva says

      ‘Tis the season, eh? She had a cold for about a week that started with a fever, got a little better w/ a new fever last Monday and diagnosed with her 1st ear infection…then this rash started this past Monday….who knows, it could be a virus, just unfortunate it coincided with a new medicine! Hope your little one is feel better soon too! Terrible when babies are sick!

  8. says

    Yep, looks like an allergic reaction to me too. Is her antibiotic anything like Augmentin? Because I had a bad reaction to that once and my skin looked just like her’s. Hope she feels better soon! It’s too sad when little’uns don’t feel good!

    • Domestic Diva says

      Thanks Vicki….it was for Amoxocillin …and I think we’ll be avoiding this one (and anything in its family of meds) for …ever! Good news is she feels fine….she just looks terrible (but a little better today)…thanks for the comment!!

      • Karen says

        Amoxicillin and Augmentin are in the same family – if she’s had a reaction to one, she’ll more than likely have a reaction to the other. My middle son cannot take any amoxicillin type antibiotics because he breaks out exactly like this. You may want to let your pharmacy know that she has a sensitivity to this antibiotic so they can catch it if she’s ever prescribed anything else in the same family of drugs.

        • Domestic Diva says

          Thanks, Karen!! I actually called last week even though my doctor thinks it might have been a virus….I’m not sure I want to take the chance!! they said it will “flag” if I try to fill anything in that family that might cause her to break out. If there are other options, I’d rather go with them then be sorry I took the chance!

  9. Cheryl W. says

    I have 4 kids and I have seen that rash a million times. I was freaked out the first couple of times, but now I just let it run it’s course. My son, who is now 19, just came home the other day with one of these rashes. It took about a week to go away. I think it was an allergic reaction to something in the woods because he had went deer hunting.

    I hope your precious baby recovers quickly because she is just too cute to be sick. Love those curls.

    • Domestic Diva says

      Thanks Cheryl! I think I’ll be avoiding the medicine she took, and other than that, with no other symptoms and it not bothering her a bit, I think I need to just chill out and let it run it’s course. Today looks to be a better day for her (so far this morning her face looks much more clear, and the rest is still covered but not as red)….thanks for the nice words too- we think she’s a keeper (even if she has my hair) lol

    • Domestic Diva says

      Seriously, Lynnie! I feel like I’m being “tested” almost on a daily basis!

      Thanks for the kind words though! We thinks she’s cute even with spots too!

  10. Milani says

    Fifth’s disease has a similar rash and slapped cheek appearance. The rash appears after the fevers subside, starts at the top (face, red cheeks) and works it’s way down. It’s common in the winter months and it’s contagious.

    I hope she feels better really soon! Hang in there!

    • Domestic Diva says

      We had 5th’s here before, and that’s one of the things I was tossing around….except this one started on her belly/chest & back and went up and down from there….only place she never really got it was her cheeks! It was down the sides of her face and around her eyes and moth, no nose or cheeks. I also thought maybe hand, foot & mouth, but there’s none on those parts either. My middle one had Roseiolla (spelling is wrong on that one) which was a 2-3 days of just high fever and then a head to toe rash that didn’t itch or anything….but she didn’t have a fever before the rash…or at least it had been 5 days or so.

      Thanks for the comment though…you all are helping my piece the puzzle together!

  11. Gen says

    Hi! So sorry your little on has this rash. But my husband gets it every once in awhile and it always starts in the middle of his back and then spreads from there. He has not pin pointed what causes but he has no symptoms other than the rash its self. I hope it goes away soon!


    • Domestic Diva says

      Thanks, Gen! I hope your husband determines the cause….my daughter seems better today…her face is nearly clear and the spots that remain on her chest and back have faded in color….I guess a rash with no other symptom is probably pretty fortunate considering some of the other nasty bugs out there (if it is a virus)…as far as allergies go, a rash that doesn’t bother seems like a moderate reaction too. Anyway, thanks for the comment & hope your hubby doesn’t have any more episodes either!

  12. says

    My baby had that rash over the holidays too — a few days of fever and sickness and then the rash — dr says it is called roseola and it super common and viral!

    • Domestic Diva says

      We had that one before (with my middle son when he was about 13 months old…only difference this time was that the fever was five days before the rash…this one is a stumper! Hope your little one is feeling better! Thanks for your comment!

  13. Kathie says

    Definitely an allergic reaction to amoxycillin. Our Dr. told us to avoid it at all costs in the future. Now when my DD has a strep or an ear infection, she gets the easy once-a-day for four days “z pack”…much better than three-times-a-day for 10 days amoxycillin. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

    • Domestic Diva says

      We’ll be avoiding it for sure, Kathie….doctor still said that they still think it may have been a virus, but I’m not sure I want to take any chances. Plus, the z-pack, like you said, is so much easier to administer…my middle son was given a zpack days before my daughter got the amoxicillin and he seemed better faster too. Thanks for your comment!!

  14. Alexis says

    I know this is a very belated comment (I have just discovered your brilliant blog today and have been chuckling into my sleeve all morning in my cubicle) but I had the same exact rash six months ago as an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. I remembered my mum telling me that I had been allergic as an infant and I let my doctor now but he prescribed it once more for an infection I had saying that it was very unlikely that the reaction I had 25 years ago would come back.
    But alas, it did. I woke up, went to work, felt fine. Around 11 I went for a bathroom break and was horrified to find that my face was covered in the same exact rash your beautiful daughter has. It was all over my body – stomach, legs, arms, face. It looked identical to Cecilia’s. The bumps were only ever so slightly elevated but the texture of the skin felt the same.
    The rash left me grounded at home (I couldn’t be spotted (haha) in the office looking like that) for three days. I immediately stopped taking the antibiotic and went on a very strict regiment of drinking 3 full glasses of beet juice a day. Sounds phony but it worked like magic. After the very first day my spots began to fade (a little). I also took benadryl in the morning and at night. The beet juice was a recommendation from my grandmother (yay herbal/home remedies). It is totally safe and if it doesn’t do any good couldn’t possibly do any harm. I simply baked the beets in the oven for 3 hours or until very soft and pressed them using a cheescloth to make the juice smooth. It’s not too yummy but with a spoonful of sugar or honey it was bearable.
    That’s all. I apologize for the lengthy response. I also went to the doctor and he could no diagnose the rash. But mine disappeared after three days and since then I have steered clear of all ‘cillins.
    Good luck with antibiotics in the future and thank you for the barrel of laughs you have delivered on this otherwise crappy Monday morning!

    • says


      Thank you SO much for the comment, even though it’s an older post. I really believe this was a reaction to the drug too. My pediatrician says that it’s unusual for it to be a reaction the first time it was given because it has to build up in the system, but she was on it 8 days before her rash appeared. I’m thinking we’ll be steering clear of any drugs in that family.

      Again, thanks for sharing your story, it really echoes what so many others have said….and glad you’re enjoying the blog so far!! :)

  15. kylie says

    i get exectly the same rash when i have amoxicillan, sadly so does my 2yo! avoid anything in the penicillan class of antibiotics, as the reaction gets worse each time you are exposed to it (trust me, i am a very slow learner so i know this!). keflex/ceflacore seem to work just as well for both of us.