Freaky leaky

Yesterday morning began like most others, and as we packed the kids and the car for a weekend trip to the beach there was no indication that something I had relied on for so many years would decide to fail me today.  We stopped for gas and I grabbed a coffee to go for our quick hour long trip south.

We had one brief stop to make at the Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware’s latest event to raise money for the Kent County S.P.C.A., and my biggest concern was dropping off our donation and managing to leave without adopting a pet.  Even after the pet ants and our new hermit crabs there has still been a daily and relentless badgering for a dog.  At this point it’s not that I don’t like dogs, I do, but my biggest reason for saying “no” is that my father is allergic and we wouldn’t be able to have him to our house without triggering his allergies and newly developed asthma, let alone be able to bring the dog to his beach house every weekend. I reminded myself of this over and over as we headed to drop off our donation.

No dogs.

No dogs.

No dogs.

My repetitious reminder was interrupted as we hit a bump in the road and I splattered a few droplets of coffee onto my white pants.  I cursed out loud to the universe knowing full well this is just what happens when I wear white pants.  All I was hoping to do was make it 30 minutes to the charity event, thirty minutes while we were there and then I could feel free to spill whatever I wanted on the front of myself.  It, of course, was also my luck that I had just removed my Tide Pen the night before.  At least it was drying quickly and not so noticeable.

I remained cautious the rest of the drive, handling my coffee cup with extreme care, not knowing another mishap would be far worse and happening soon.

When we arrived my kids didn’t know what to do first…There were balloons, cookies, kittens, puppies and people buzzing around I.G. Burton Chevy/Jeep/Dodge where the Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware were filling an SUV with supplies for the S.P.C.A.  All three kids had a fantastic time petting, holding and showering the animals with love.  I’m not sure how we made it out of there without an animal; just look at the sheer joy on Joey’s face:

Photo by Amber Shader Photography

This almost makes me want to find a hypoallergenic dog…almost.

Even as this moment was captured, full of youth an innocence, other things unbeknownst to me, were breaking down and coming to the end.

It took me a full twenty minutes to say our good byes and get the kids out the door.  They all cried in the car for ten minutes and I reached behind me to hush them with a favorite DVD for the remaining twenty minutes of the drive.

We pulled into my parent’s house and my brother immediately asked me if I drank any coffee.  I was holding my cup and assumed he saw the polka dots I added when we hit the bump earlier.  I went about unpacking and after a few minutes, walked past a mirror and noticed a giant, no gargantuan, wet stain just south of my left boob.

“What the hell,” I exclaimed and touched the spot which felt oily but had no smell.  “Michael,” I called to my brother, “is this what you what you were talking about when I came in?” I pointed to the soccer ball sized stain which extended all the way to the bottom the the shirt.

“Uh, yeah,” he replied and my Mother came over for a look too.

“You sure you didn’t lean in something? Or pick up a puppy?” everyone asked.

“I think I’d know if a dog peed on me, but oh my God!  Did I walk around saying hello and shaking hands with my boob like this?” I wailed.

My husband assured me even he would have noticed such a stain, but I’m not so sure.  Still not knowing what it was I went to change my shirt and realized what had happened.

Last week I went through my clothes and put away items that were now too big for me to wear (go me! I’m losing weight besides my constant efforts to the contrary).  I also was able to take out some clothing from another bin which I had not been able to wear in a long time.  Two of those items, my red and white plaid shirt and a smaller sized white bra, I wore Saturday.  The latter of the two was made at Victoria’s Secret and sold as part of the “Very Sexy” bras with subtle gel padding for a more natural shape.  I had purchased this bra, as I sit here and think about it, probably three or four years ago.

Apparently, these bras have a lifespan, and I’ve found it.

On the left side of the bra one of the gel inserts (which is not removable and sewn into the bra) had ruptured and leaked out the bottom and all over my shirt, skin, and was even evident in an oily stain on my SUV’s center console where I had leaned around to turn on the kid’s DVD player.

Best case scenario I popped the gel padding in the car ten minutes after I left the car dealership, worst case scenario it happened  before arriving to the event and I walked around with bra gel all over my shirt.

Have you had a boob pop in public? Leave me a comment! Let me know I’m not alone!

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  1. Penny says

    If you count breast milk as spillage!! 😛 have been caught a few times with that one – which is bad when you don’t realise and the stain is nicely round your nipple! – I was never good wearing breast pads they always moved!

  2. says

    No boob issues, but I frequently ran around with stained clothes I didn’t realize were stained after I had Wee ‘Burb. I learned afterward to just check my clothes ALL OVER before leaving the house.

    You’re a stronger woman than I on the dog thing. I ended up getting conned into one when I was 6 months pregnant.

  3. Emma says

    Close. My husband and I went out for a really nice dinner when our first daughter was about four months old. I was still breastfeeding, but thought I was fine as I had just bought some fancy nursing pads. A couple showed up with a brand new baby who was clearly starving as her Mama seemed to be having a tough time discreetly feeding her (I totally felt for her, but was slightly annoyed because we had spent 30 an entree thinking we would be in a baby free zone. C had collick, and did I ever need it. Anyway, I digress)

    The fancy pads turned out to be not so fancy. I let down then and there. My brown satin blouse was completely, and I mean completely soaked. Not one of my finer moments! :)

    • says

      Gotta love the let down. Especially when you’re not needing it. I blame the lady with the kid!

      I’d be lying of I said I wasn’t so happy those days are behind me….

  4. I Hate Insomnia says

    No boob pop in public, but I also ran around with a stained shirt on Saturday and had no clue until I got home. We were at a 30th birthday party and there were probably 100 people there. Various people decided to feed our baby some chocolate birthday cake and at some point, she must have chewed on the shoulder of my shirt. There was also a yellowish mystery (hopefully food?) stain on the sleeve and other food stains scattered all over the entire front of my shirt since she sat on my lap to eat. I was soooo glad I decided to wear a new white shirt to that party! (I am learing that wearing white while having a toddler and an infant is always a stupid thing to do!)

    As for the bra, perhaps a note to VS telling them about it may be in order. At the very least, maybe they will send you some coupons for a new bra!

    • says

      Wearing white (while around my kids) almost always ends badly. I can’t wait to enjoy the color again once they’re older! lol

      Sorry you had some public stains Saturday too!

      And I’m going to at the very least make sure all future bras don’t have this explosive material before I buy it!

  5. says

    Awesome story! I had a wonderbra padded insert fall out and land on the dance floor when I was at a bar. That was also a really special memory for me. :-)

  6. says

    When I was pregnant for my first, the dog jumped on me to take her potty, thank god I was still in my pajamas, she scratched my boob and triggered a stream of breast milk I didn’t notice until after I came inside from taking her potty, but still like what the heck is this? When I noticed the stain. Thanks as always for sharing your humiliation with us!

  7. says

    So I’m still waiting for the end of the story…where’s the dog?

    And, no. No boob gel stories here. I’m an A cup and I’m built like an 11 year old boy (with crow’s feet). Any boobage on me at all looks completely pornographic. Also? The weight makes me fall forward…so I kinda look like you did on rollerskates except without the skates.

    I guess I’m lucky my husband is an “Ass Man”.

    Not to be confused with just generally being an “Ass”…although he often has that covered as well.

  8. Suzanne says

    This happened to me while I was at Disneyland with some friends! Same Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy bra! Luckily I lived about 10 minutes away so I left to change my clothes…that was the last gel-padded bra I ever bought.

    And of course there are the numerous times while breast feeding my daughter that things happened and I ended up with stains…

    • says

      I hated BF stains. I lost several shirts to ones that never came all the way out.

      And a bra explosion at Disney can even ruin a day at the happiest place on Earth. Thanks a lot VS!

  9. Holly says

    I actually worked at a VS store for about 8 months. I never really liked the gel padded ones, but they came out with a pushup that has an air bubble instead of gel. It’s lighter-weight and obviously even if it got a leak in 9 years, it wouldn’t drip gel all over you. I still have a Very Sexy from about five years ago that I’ve worn the frazzle out of but it had removable gel pads, so I don’t keep those in it. It’s still held up longer than any of the cheap bras I bought at the supercenters. You could actually return that bra to the store if you didn’t throw it away already. They’d give you credit toward another bra, and the Semi Annual Sale is going on now. Maybe pick up one with air padding or memory foam instead of gel. :)

    • says

      Thank you, Holly! And even if they sell these gel ones, I’m never buying one again. I’ll be totally preoccupied every time I wore it that it was going to pop…in fact I’m getting rid of the other two I still have. Thanks for the tip about the credit for a new bra…I’ll take them in!

  10. says

    I would love to say I had a cool story to share but sadly no bra will ever actually live up to its promise of cleavage and sports bras have a tendency to stay in one place. I always love to hear your stories!

  11. says

    Lol, never had that happen (knock on wood)! I had a situation like 10 years ago where I was wearing a halter dancing and the shirt shimmied down :) I’m sure your stain was overlooked by others with kids in tow :)

  12. says

    As I had said on twitter prior to reading this post, hilarious and also extremely embarrassing.

    I’m shocked your VS bra lasted so long because I was told by a VS salesperson they’re supposed to only last 3-6 months. (I too have many that are in the 5+ year age range) I was redeeming a free underwear coupon and she told me to look around for a bra with my $10 off, I mentioned I wasn’t in the market for one, and as she pressed me further she told me that they should be replaced every 3-6 months. I bit my tongue from informing her that $50 for a bra that lasts 6 months is not a sales pitch I recommend advertising. Instead I took my free underwear walked out the door and continued to buy bras at Gap Body.

    • says

      Wow, the salesperson really said that?? I generally go there to buy my bras when I’m in the market and they always have seemed to fit, but I recently was in a bind and went to target to pick one up and low and behold the best fitting bra I ever bought–at half the price!

  13. says

    This is exactly why I love visiting this blog. Real life is so much funnier than fiction when you have a good sense of humor. Thanks for another great laugh. To answer your question, no, my boobs have never exploded in public.

  14. Caroline says

    Well this just happened to me. I went all day wearing this bra with a pink tank top under a sweatshirt. Later in the after noon sweatshirt off to put on something more cool when.I noticed a huge oily stain (which wasn’t wet) below the right side of my bra. I took the bra see if it was wet. Well mind blowing to me it wasn’t at all wet. At this point I’m wondering seriously what it could be. Unable to figure it out I lay the bra on my bed and wear another one for the rest of the day. Later when I’m ready for bed I go to pick up the bra off my bed and what do ya know now the same stain is on my bed!!!! That’s when I get on the internet and come across this blog! Knowing that I will never wear the bra again I curiously cut open the right side of the bra to find a liquid filled pouch that has been punctured and is leaking the same oily liquid!! Wow all these years of wearing the bra I never even.knew that was in there!! Thanks to this blog!!

    • Katie says

      DITTO! Just looked up “Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Bra Padding Leak.” Glad to know I’m not alone! Noticed the stain on my camisole this morning but, in a rush, figured it was water from my wet hair. Since it’s fall I was wearing layers all day and I couldn’t even tell the stain remained. Just went to change and felt the oil on my skin. This was an older bra anyway… Time for the trash! Scary to think the oil has been sitting on my skin all day… wondering what’s in it!

    • Pan says

      VS bra oil leak.. just happened to me yesterday.. saw a small dot while at work, then maybe 6 hrs later while out to dinner noticed a soccer ball size spot, but I thought maybe it was the lighting. got home, looked in the mirror, it was bigger.. Pulled my shirt/tank off and oil all over my stomach, chest. soaked through my tank top and my shirt. very oily, no smell. I threw away the bra.. Sad thing, I have 2 more like it….

      • Tammy says

        This just happened to me today at work. My Victoria Secret push up bra leaked all over my light gray tank top. According to my brother it had been like that for a couple hours. He said he thought it was water. I hope my customers thought the same thing. Ugh, how embarrassing! I then googled it and found that Victoria Secret uses formaldehyde in their bras! Are you freaking kidding me???? I have been wearing these bras for years and have a whole drawer full. There is a class action law suit against Victoria Secret for using formaldehyde. Very disturbing.

  15. Peace says

    So happy you have this post here and I found I am not alone! My sister was convinced i was somehow lactating even though she is the one nursing. Haha. Apparently that happens to some women!? But yes, this is the second time I had this oily stain, and only with this bra. now I’m clear on what happened. It’s a Victoria secret very sexy gel padded bra. I wore it and discovered a massive soccer ball sized stain. Only on one side. Then this time it was both sides. I’m so happy I’m not alone in this. I’m returning all my gel bras to VS. Such crap!

  16. Michelle says

    I just had several horrifying moments of wondering how I had started to lactate again…when I realized it was oily and from my bra. Guess my post- breastfeeding boobs are too much to handle for my pre-pregnancy VS Very Sexy bra? And here I ‘ve been so happy to finally get out of my nursing bras and back into my sexy, much smaller boobs bras. Thanks VS for making my morning slimmy. Great. Add one more task to my day.

  17. Karin says

    Thank God for this blog! I even called my plastic surgeon yesterday, because I was convinced my silicone was somehow seeping through my skin! So happy I do not have to have another breast augmentation! I thought for sure my breast implant had ruptured! And this had happened to several of my shirts before I figured out what it was! At first I thought I had spilled something oily on my shirt! Several nice shirts RUINED with this bra oil. :( Thank you for letting me know it was the bra!

  18. Anita says

    This happened to me today. Found this blog by goggling “VS bra gel leak.” Any chance anyone has found a way to get the gel out of their clothes? It ruined a brand new dress today. I threw it in the washer as soon as I got home, but the stain didn’t come out. Any suggestions?

  19. Karen says

    I just found this blog while googling this very same thing. YUCK! I could not figure out what had happened, but I too was wearing a VS Very Sex Brand Bra. It’s a bit alarming, really. What is the oil, I wonder! I’m not sure I’ll be buying my bras there anymore.

  20. says

    First of all, GREAT JOB on losing weight!

    I have the same general breast milk and stained clothes stories, as most women do. After having five kids I learned a thing or two…1) when I was breast feeding and I heard a baby cry I would run for the nearest bathroom. Just the sound of a hungry baby made horrible milk stains all over my shirt. And 2) I gave up on wearing anything white when my oldest (who happened to turn 15 today) was a toddler. No white shirts, pants, or even underwear. Just about everything I own is dark in color…mostly black…easiest color to clean…just dye it back to black!

    By the way, I haven’t stepped foot into a VS store, nor looked at their ads for several years. It’s just plain too depressing!

  21. says

    I just saw this older post and had to tell you that yes, I popped a boob too. In a meeting none the less. UGH! and my bra too was about 8 years old

  22. Ali says

    I just had this happen with a VS Very Sexy bra. Same oily feel and gigantic stain. But this bra is only 4 years old! And I didn’t overwear it so I’m pretty bummed… I hope this isn’t a trend with my other bras! Sorry this happened in public to some people, luckily I was at home.

  23. Kerry says

    I have had this happened 2 times, just dawned on me wonder if it’s bra, or do I need to see doctor!! Skin covered in oil and same HUGE soccer ball size stains. Both out in public!! I just left trampoline place with kids and I didn’t have on a jacket!!! Horrified. But after looking up few things online beginning to think I am ok and it is the bra. My bra is not 8 yrs old. More like 4.

  24. says

    I found out about this blog by searching for exploding VS bras, too! It just happened to me today (also only a few years old), but luckily I was at home! So mad, though, because I loved that bra!

  25. Wanda says

    I had this happen to me twice, two days in a row with 2 completely different bras, one at work & the next day at a show. I’m over the bras, but wondering how I get the goo out of my clothes, one is a cotton button down, the other a rather expensive silk top that I don’t want to lose. Any suggestions? I called customer service & was told to google search to see how to clean it, thanks, super helpful.

    • says

      I ended up tossing my shirt, but when I was telling this story to a friend she said I should have tried Dawn dish soap (used to clean oil from wildlife)…another suggestion was maybe Oxi Clean.

      Good luck!

  26. Bethany Clark says

    Good Greif…!!! My VS gel tank top just leaked oil down my left front camisole and got it on my silk skirt. This top was part of their “bra tops” collection and there is a LOT of oil. It’s seven years old. So much for expensive stuff lasting.

  27. Ames says

    I had multiple Victoria Secret “Very Sexy” Bras burst in that exact same way and they weren’t nearly eight years old, maybe only four or five years. I know they say bras wear out but the bursting in public was embarrassing and one stained my shirt with that huge oily stain.

  28. Jo says

    YES!!! I have the same very sexy bras… three to be exact and I coudln’t figure out what it was! It has stained my NEW favorite shirt and i’ve washed it twice :( but no luck…. :'(

  29. T says

    Despite this post being two years old, it’s still oh-so relevant. This was my story today…and equally mortified at not knowing when it exploded and how long I was wandering around with an oily bullseye! Completely confused why the big stain on the front of my dress. It’s hot as heck right now in the northeast and just figured maybe it was a weirdly lopsided sweat stain until I touched and felt oil. Eww! Thought maybe I had rubbed up against something and started peeling off layers just to see that it was on my dress, the camisole I had on underneath, the bra which apparently was the culprit, and my skin!
    Thanks for your post. Called mom about how to get out grease/oil stains and she suggested baby powder…and then spray and wash. Will let you know if it works. :-/ Will also try OxiClean.
    Now what to do about all of the Very Sexy’s in my drawer…feeling like a walking time bomb. Is the gel in all of them…or just the older models?

    • Amy says

      Just the older ones have gel. The news ones have a padding. I took my oil stain bullseye to the dry-cleaner and they got it right out thankfully!

    • T says

      And so it happened again. Almost a year to date. Like seriously WTF?! Is there something about the heat that is deteriorating these bras? I was pregnant then…BFing now and haven’t worn any of my VS bras for months. Thought I’ll be away from babe for a few hrs. Let’s dress like a grown-up. I should’ve stuck with my nursing tank. I am walking around with two big oil stains…looking like I had a letdown because of this BS bra. Can I reiterate that my entire bra collection is VS?!?! Can I also add insult to this injury that I am observing in middle school classrooms all day?! This blows…literally!

  30. Karen Kim says

    I just came across your blog after having the same problem. Mine was in storage with my 4 other new bras that I had to tuck away while pregnant and breastfeeding. I finally opened it and the oil was everywhere and ruined all my other bras. I called CS and they send me a new bra voucher and 30% off on the bras (ugh, not that it will replace all 5… it was $250+)
    Their in store return policy is that they will give the lowest selling price of the bra if I take it to the store.
    She also suggested before I return them to wash them in DAWN soap since it is just mineral oil. Here is to hoping!!!

  31. Susanna says

    Well my comment is years late, but this just happened to me and I found your article searching oily bra! So weird!! I never would have guessed that was it, but sure enough, I had one ginormous oil stain on/under my left breast! You’re not alone 😉 LOVE your blog.

  32. says

    Really enjoy your blog and your funny (or not so funny) story! Same thing happened to me. Wore a beautiful tight fitting off the shoulder sweater out to dinner came home and bam!! there it was to my horror…a big huge stain on my left boob. I racked my brain, let’s see I never spilled anything, I was only out for 2 hours, maybe it was my coat, who knows. Tried to hand wash and it didn’t come out. That was a month ago. Then today wore a spark-lie silver sweater and this time 1 hour later looked down and a 50 cent piece size oil stain on my left inside sleeve. Looked in the mirror and again there appeared another big stain on my left boob! Racked my brain again. This time I was at a job interview! Then drove to a friends house and the first thing she says is… “what’s on your sweater?” We talked about it for a second and then she said is your bra leaking? So I rubbed my hand on my bra and there on my fingers was an oily base. Called VS store they didn’t know anything, called customer service, she was really nice and told me I could change it for a new bra but had no idea what was in the bra so I could remove the stain. A friend said to wash it out with dish soap (haven’t tried dawn yet) and arm and hammer baking. Well, it didn’t work. I am so grateful one of your readers said that the dry cleaners got it out and maybe there is still hope! These are my two favorite sweaters. So Thanks.

  33. Kelli says

    Oh my gosh! This happened to me today while I was in a training! I had taken a bathroom break and while in the mirror noticed the oily stain on my sweater—did I rub up against something? UGH! Got home took off my bra and was freaking out from all the oil that came from the bra padding! Grant it, I’ve had the VS bra for approx 5 years…

    Thanks so much for this helpful post! And I’m throwing that bra away now! LOL

  34. says

    This is NOT just an “older bra” problem!
    I just bought a VS push-up about a month or so ago and it just exploded on me while on vacation in Hawaii!!! I’ll be visiting the store as soon as we get home to return the 3 bras I bought that day.
    I really hope they offer ample compensation because I was only able to wear them for a little over 30 days.

    • Kerry says

      I returned mine after yr and 2 exploded and got 3 new bras. They told me no longer make like that?? It’s embarrassing and horrible. Mine happened 3 times in public before figured out what it was. Had young baby so thought was another issue.

  35. Brandi says

    The same just happened to me. My spouse and I were about to spend some uhhh.. “alone time” and I took off my very cute leopard print VS bra. He reached to help me, and got a handful of oily nasty mess. Totally ruined the moment. I will never buy bras with gel in them again. That is just disgusting,

  36. Jen says

    Thank goodness for this blog! This happened to me today on a 3 hour flight! I was stuck on a plane with no change of clothes, wondering where this huge oil stain had come from. I stuffed my bra with tissue paper until I landed. Now I have a red rash on my right boob and I don’t know what to do?

  37. says

    I am guessing it will go away after shower. Take bra back and ask for new one without. I also called customer service and asked for compensation for 3 shirts 2 of which were brand new.

  38. Karyn says

    This happened to me too! I was trying to get pregnant at the time, so when I noticed the spot on my shirt and oily skin, thought I had miscarried or lactating or something. When I mentioned it to my doctor, a breast cancer survivor, she sent me for a mammogram and checked labs for a possible pituitary gland tumor. Everything came back fine (of course!). It never occurred to me it was the bra. Six months later, the oily spot thing happened again! This time I was suspicious, googled “Victoria Secret bra oily leakage”, and voila! Mystery solved!

  39. says

    Dear lord I hope this gel doesn’t have anything toxic in it! I’m glad that I’m not the only one this has happened to, as mortifying as it is! I’ll be taking this bra back, it’s maybe 3 years old, and I’m guessing the gel pads don’t get along well with hear either since today was warmer than usual, ugh!

  40. Christina says

    Oh my gosh! I thought I had a medical problem and was about to call my doctor to get looked at. I decided to google it just in case it was a symptom to some horrid disease. This was the first site I came across… and you know what? I’m wearing a VS Very Sexy bra that’s about 8 years old. Sheesh! That was scary for a few moments! I couldn’t figure out why the heck my boob was leaking massive amounts of oil! Thanks for sharing your story – it’s a comic relief to some, and a medical relief to others!

  41. Lauren says

    Just adding to the comments conversation here–Same thing happened to me (twice!). I couldn’t figure out why one side of my chest was so sweaty and the other wasn’t!
    I talked to a VS rep online in the live chat and she told me that my bra was non-returnable to the store OR by mail because they stopped selling the bra over 2 years ago…I cannot return it, and I cannot receive any credit or exchange for it. This is REALLY interesting to me because someone a few posts ago–and only a month ago!–said she received credit for it. She gave me a number to call so someone can explain their return policies to me. She also said the expected bra life is only 6 months, which is crap for a $50 bra! I’m just shocked that a bra would leak, that it’s only expected to last six months, and that VS has absolutely no customer service in place to handle it.

    • Lauren says

      Update: I called the customer service number. They’re sending me an envelope to mail the bra back, they’re giving me some kind of a refund/certificate towards a new bra, and they mentioned covering the cost of dry cleaning. They said they didn’t think dry cleaning would work, and if I wanted them to cover the cost of the clothes that were stained, I can go through the insurance department. Long story short: calling is MUCH more effective than chatting with a customer service rep online!

      • says

        I returned 3 to store and had been a yr or more. There is formaldehyde in the one I had. I never would have bought if knew that. I actually didn’t know liquid inside. 6 months is ridiculous for life of bra come on $50. Dry cleaning won’t work the clothes are ruined and will not come out. I heard insurance takes a while and don’t get much. I got $80 gift card for my ruined clothes.

  42. Nicole says

    Hi everybody , I really happy to found yr post. It’s happen with me this morning when I came to restroom of Starbucks inside the hotel , the cleanup lady look at me and she asked me ( is that your mill leaking ??? I said no I had mill 7 years ago and looked down , omg my left hand side bread wetted when I touch it oil in my hand …. And I thought I boot have problem and touch one more time I found down it’s from the very sexy bra 2011 but it’s bra I really rarely wore look almost new. I backed home got changed and came to the store . I spoke with the store manager for the oil leaking from the bra , unbelievable she tolk me it’s gel I still tolk her it’s oil and showed her my hand , dress had oil .. And suddenly she called the police ( total 4 polices) one of them get my id and wrote down all my information and told me leave the store … I really upset and got Mad. After that I called cs had very nice voice to talked with me and told me before they put the oil inside the bra for touch real and sexy but they had stop 3 years ago, and she sorry for that happen will sent me $35 gift card. I mentioned with her the rule girl stupid manager and she said she will handle that case for me. I told the cs the same if I knew vs put oil inside the bra I never bought because my skin so sensitive … That’s is bad today pls tell everybody if who have sexy bra 3 years ago must be careful .

  43. Lauren Eanes says

    WHY didn’t I read this blog sooner?

    So I have lived in Okinawa Japan, and Colombia, South America. Both very humid climates. When my first VS bra began leaking… I was like ‘oh it must because I just live in a very humid environment and I’m lazy and I dont hand wash my bras.’ I usually take the straps off, the gel petals out, and put them in a garment bag and put wash them on delicate and air dry them afterwards. Only you cant take the gel petals out of VS bras.

    I made the switch from Fredericks of Hollywood Push up bras almost 10 years ago, because I liked all the panties from VS more than Fredericks. Yet, in less than a month I’ve had a 2nd VS bra pop and had the oil ruin my shirt. Thankfully both instances were at home. But given what they charge for bras…. this should NEVER happen. VS has permanently lost me as a customer. 2 bras in less than thirty days? This is a quality control issue. The second bra pop happened when I was reading on my couch… and my couch is permanently stained. I like the whole push up look, since Im a smaller B cup… but this feels literally like taking money and flushing it down the toilet. Im afraid to wear any of my VS bras because I dont know when they are going pop.

  44. AM says

    Just happened to me as I’m sitting at home eating lunch. Talk about a WTF moment. VERY displeased; I think VS just lost a customer in me! My shirt is obviously ruined, and this would’ve been humiliating if I’d been in public when it happened!

  45. Barryw says

    This just happened to me today! Tried to figure out how I managed to get thus huge oil stain on my shirt under my left boob. Realized it had to be coming from my VS bra! Totally shocked there is oil in these bras. After reading this blog and the comments, it sounds like this has happened to others. I can only imagine the amount of women who have these bras and have no idea that what they are wearing has the potential for ruining their clothes or furniture. This is so not right! We should be informed of this and VS should have to notify all their customers and disclose this issue and there should be some kind of compensation for the loss we have incurred. Not just a voucher for a new bra!

  46. Kay says

    I don’t know if any of mine decided to make a straight up public appearance, but your post has made me feel a WHOLE lot better! — Mind the long winded story, but it will make me feel better to get it all out (Cause my bf is going to roll his eyes, with a massive ‘I told you so’ when he hears this one) The other day I noticed this /massive/ stain on one of my shirts, I thought it had gotten on it before I ever put it on, a dark colored tank top that I only ever wear around the house, I just put it on, didn’t even give it half a glance… and a quick pass by the mirror and my thought was “oh gees! How did I not notice this?!” this massive oil like stain down my entire right side! Quick shirt change before anyone see’s and off an away with my day! Curious, but not thinking about it too much – then a couple days later, I notice similar, but smaller stains on my yoga pants… flustered, I make a quick wardrobe switch, and try my level best to deduct my problem!! — More flustered, I toss things in the wash and cross my fingers! (I’ve tried all kinds of stuff to get it out, with no luck.. reading comments, looks like I’m out of luck!)
    Then yesterday I’ve gone through ALL of my clothes, because gosh darnnit, I’m going to find the source of this! Very aware of the shirt I put on yesterday being absolutely clean! (Again, thankfully it’s an ‘at home’ day) quite a ways through the day, I glance at a mirror and *$#@^&* the entire left side is covered in a stain, all stains having some staning under the opposite boob as well… I rapidly go change, notice it is all over me and *Insert Panic*… ‘Is this coming from ME?!’ … SHOWER! & nothing there is making me feel ANY better in the slightest, but nothing seemed to fit just what I had experienced… check clothes again, including dirty laundry, and the shirt I was wearing the day before (I also checked before putting on that day) had a couple small stains under each boob… throw my hands in the air and continue to panic a bit… Today, I figure, ok! I’m going to put on a cruddy shirt I don’t care about, no bra (Another home day), and see what happens! then I go see how bad *I* had ruined one of my favorite Victorias Secret bras (I only let myself get one every now and again because A.) I don’t like most of their styles, and B.) Broke college student! Most of mine come from Walmart).. and the thing is just doused! Used a paper towel to wick up the oil, and it was ridiculous! — Hmmmm!! — actively check and see if the pushup bra has that “cushy” feel that Victorias Secret bra’s have… Nope! feels just like a regular, cheap padded pushup bra… — Think REALLY hard on what bra’s I was wearing with the shirts destroyed… I remembered yesterday and the day before I had that bra on… not sure about the shirt that got ruined, but given it’s a mirror image of the stain.. I can guess… and my yoga pants, probably got nailed on one of the nights I just toss my clothes into a pile before bed cause I’m too tired to care!

    Less panic! … And now instead of looking up how to get this out of my clothes, it looks like I’m going to be calling Vic Secret and talking to them about replacing the clothes they ruined! *facedesk* At least I know it isn’t ME doing this…

    • helen says

      Did you ever find out what the V.S. bra substance is? My VS gel bra broke on my $400 dollar silk dress. I still haven’t made that dress cost effective yet ( though I have gotten the cost per wear down to $80 dollars) But I need to be able to clean it and my bra. I couldn’t afford the dress to begin with but I Intended to wear it till it paid for itself. Help if you discovered what to use to get the slimey substance out of clothing. Thank you, helen

  47. Milla says

    Epic fail! I work Human Resources & had interviews scheduled today when noticed something on my shirt. Luckily I had a cardigan to cover the leaky oil stain. I loved the VS Sexy line but will no longer be wearing them.

  48. Julie says

    I wish I had come across these posts last year! The first time it happened, I brushed it off. I was too busy to try and figure out what had happened. The second time, after work, I thought there might be something wrong and actually went to the ER! An MRI, a mammogram – the works. I had no idea that this VS collection was lined with gel. This morning I found a bra I had only worn twice and headed out. This third time made me realize that I had a common thread here and took to the internet for answers. Though I am relieved that I do not have some sort of cancer, I am a bit put off that we are not informed more about what is lining these bras. I’m also surprised that no one at the hospital or woman’s center I visited had suspected this. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post…I do appreciate it. Perhaps I will venture back to VS with some bras…