Shame on you

Have you heard of dog shaming?  It’s a hilarious website where pet owners submit photos of their dogs with captions detailing the animal’s shameful acts.  I’ve been following these funny pictures that are literally shared thousands of times around the web, and it’s hard to pick any favorites because they’re all so funny.   There’s plenty of doggy destruction, but clearly lots of humor and taking things in stride from the owners, which I love and can totally appreciate.

The subject of dog shaming came up in my house yesterday after my dog Baxter, a five month old Bichon, squeezed under a baby gate at the top of the steps and got into some of my Kindergartner’s art supplies….and by some of his art supplies I mean an ink pad with blue and red ink….and by red and blue ink I mean he chewed up the red ink side, which was actually a shame in itself because he’s white, and had he gone red and blue he would have looked patriotic.

Instead, when I first came upon the pup who wandered off, with white fur suddenly stark red on his face and front legs, not three minutes after I had seen him last, I thought he was bleeding, possibly just murdered someone or something, or got into red paint (which seemed impossible).  And before people start wagging fingers at me, let me just say I was on an important phone call, had just sat my daughter in her booster seat and gave her paint and paper, and I didn’t realize the dog could squeeze under the gate.  I swear not three minutes had passed before I found him.  Also, he didn’t eat any, it’s non-toxic, and supposed to be washable.  So don’t anyone go getting your panties in a bunch.

That being said, after posting his picture online, a bunch of you commented, emailed and friends even called about the dog shaming. Here are some pictures of Baxter before, during and after….




He looks ashamed in the first picture, and is now sporting a pinkish hue thanks to the red ink.

Most people seem to think the idea of dog shaming is funny, as you should, but other people (with an obvious lack of a sense of humor) find it negative and apparently feel bad for the dogs or think the owners are exploiting them or something.  Honestly, since dogs can’t read or surf the web, I see no reason why anyone would think it could hurt the dog’s feelings or whatever the problem is…

But to shush the naysayers, I decided that even though I was submitting a dog-shaming picture regardless, I thought I’d do a Mom Shaming™ (Self-Shaming) photo too so Baxter and I would be even.  I won’t go publicly shaming him, without calling myself out too.

If only I actually felt ashamed, my laundry might actually get folded and put away!

There are all sorts of hilarious shamings going on around the web, not just dogs, like the hilarious Mommy Shorts and her Baby Shaming!  It’s a must read for anyone with babies, toddlers, and a sense of humor.  Just like the pet owners, the parents of these kids are choosing to laugh instead of freak out when their kids destroy something around the house. Personally, I love it!

Oh, and Melissa & Doug’s “Washable Ink!” stamp pads….yeah, based on the dog, the carpet and the bathtub, I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on the “washable” part…



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  1. Stacey Briscoe says

    You crack me up!! Way to handle the unpleasables!! Now then – I’m going to go fold laundry in the 10 minutes I have before the grandbaby get’s here for our 9 hour playdate!!

  2. says

    My white dog got into powered red kool-aid once. The kook-aid was not at all “washable,” and my husband had the thrill of walking a pink dog for a few weeks. Had the internet been around then, he would’ve been an instant sensation!

  3. Nadine says

    TRY hairspray – i’m sure you have some kicking around – spray it on and then blot with a paper towel… works for ball point pen!

  4. Debra S says

    Mine would be- instead of cooking that 3 course dinner for the hubby…. I lied and told him I had a too busy of a day to cook- and gave him a frozen pizza!

  5. Jennifer says

    Soooo funny! My dog once got into some dum-dum lollipops. She was a Lhasa Apso with long ears….and she had dum dum lollipops hanging from her ears. She looked like a cross between the cowardly lion and puff the magic dragon.

  6. Brittany says

    Oh the joys of owning a Bichon. I swear they get so much pleasure out of getting filthy.

  7. Caryn says

    I like the background of the soap dish in the tub, gives him the slightest little devil horn look in the one side…

  8. says

    As Rhianna would say, don’t let the bastards get you down….

    If I wasn’t such an upstanding citizen with a successful childcare, I would have started the whole “kid shaming” thing myself. Of course, i would hog it with all my own pics, but whatevs.

  9. says

    He does look ashamed on the left but he looks quite satisfied with himself on the right. Shame smame. What is wrong with people? Upset that a dog is being exploited. I can’t even continue with a comment on that. I’m off to see what shame these dogs endured!


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  2. […] and chewed up a red ink pad my Kindergartner left out which turned his face and paws a deep red. (You can read the full post with before/during/after photos here). After scrubbing the carpet in two rooms and a hallway, the bathtub, and my dog, I knew that the […]