Mom Shaming

Last Monday lived up to its reputation and then some.

I seemed to be running at least 15 minutes late for everything all day…

My coffee kept getting cold before I could drink it…

The laundry kept piling up (okay, that one happens every day)…

Oh, there was one other little thing.  My mischievous all-white puppy, Baxter, squeezed under a baby gate for the first time and chewed up a red ink pad my Kindergartner left out which turned his face and paws a deep red. (You can read the full post with before/during/after photos here). After scrubbing the carpet in two rooms and a hallway, the bathtub, and my dog, I knew that the ink pads were not washable as advertised and that it was undoubtedly, a Monday.

But by Tuesday things had become a little funnier.  My puppy was now stained pink, and he looked something like a four-legged reminder for breast cancer awareness month. I also received a ton of comments and emails about the incident, and many people said I should submit his photo to (and he made it! You can see him here). Although I thought it was a good idea, I wanted to make sure no one could say I was exploiting the dog or hurting his feelings (seriously, I get this kind of feedback).  So I decided what’s fair is fair and I posted a self-shaming / Mom Shaming picture of myself too.

The response from that post was awesome!

I received countless funny stories about epic messes caused by your dogs, you also made me feel better by sharing what-shames you, and perhaps best of all some of my favorite bloggers jumped on board my Mom Shame Train and posted some hilarious pictures of themselves Self Shaming!

Check these shameful Mamas out:

I wasn’t even looking at the mess in Suburban Snapshot’s room, I was digging her fabulous boots!

This? This is only one of a million reasons I love MotherhoodWTF!

If Kim from Let Me Start by Saying… is wrong, then dammit, I don’t want to be right!

Add this to the list of things I should be ashamed of…I feel better knowing someone as fabulous as Naps Happen is doing it too though!

Mommy Shorts and her Baby Shaming was a smash! Safe to say she nailed this too!

We’ve all told the little white lie that HouseTalkN did, so she shouldn’t feel ashamed …unless she didn’t beat those “ladies” to the bargains that is!

What? Ninja Mom cleans them first! Don’t judge!

I’m Still Learning has a thing or two she could teach me…the sniff test sounds scientific, I vote totally legit!

Love this one from Four Plus Angel, and I hope she hung that one on the fridge when she was done!

Toulouse and Tonic’s shame is hilarious and I love her for sharing it!

My Life and Kids is a master of keeping the laundry piles small…and third day’s a charm!

Honest Mom might be honest, but she might also be a tad hypocritical…”do as I say, not as I do” is my motto anyway!

Bad Parenting Moments was planning food preparations for an open house while her daughter was eating expired crackers for lunch…shameful, a little ironic, and pretty damn funny.

Frugalista Blog did say “borrowed” plus it was an emergency. Totally excusable!

Paige Kellerman shouldn’t be held responsible for her actions; she’s got a case of Bieber Fever…she does, however, get BIG bonus points for the “Shame” spelled out in refrigerator magnets in the background!

Hollow Tree Ventures is using one of my favorite hiding spots! No one would suspect you’d eat cookies in there, especially when it needs cleaned! Genius!


Binkies and Briefcases just gave me my next excuse for not shaving….pepper legs. Sounds legit, right?

First of all, Kelley’s Break Room has a talented photographer, especially for only being 4 yrs old…and secondly, who hasn’t skipped a word, okay a paragraph, okay a page(s), every (night) now and again? I’m certainly not judging!

And maybe it was the universe rewarding me for being fair to Baxter by throwing myself under the bus, but I also made it into Huffington Post’s Parenthesis: Best Mom & Dad Blogs of the Week!  Either that or it’s the universe’s way of keeping me from sticking my head in an oven. There’s almost a soothing motion the highs and lows of my life; if nothing else it swings pretty consistently.

So who knew Mom Shaming would be enjoyed by so many of my friends, readers and peers?!  Now if only I could turn my shame into motivation and motivation into action because those clothes sat in the baskets for another three days…I’m still just happy they were all clean.

Want to follow these other funny self-shaming Mamas? Visit their sites here:  Suburban Snapshots, Ninja Mom Blog, MotherhoodWTF, Let Me Start by Saying…, Naps Happen, Mommy Shorts, HouseTalkN, Four Plus Angel, Toulouse and TonicMy Life and Kids, I’m Still Learning, Honest Mom, Bad Parenting Moments, Frugalista Blog, Paige Kellerman, Hollow Tree Ventures, Binkies and Briefcases, and Kelley’s Break Room!

Find all these photos and dozens more in the Blogging While Mom’s Mom Shaming/Self Shaming Album on Facebook …and submit your own!  Go on! Shame yourself…it’s a good thing, I promise!

Want to be featured on my site?  I’m starting a “Shame Corner” where you can send me your best Self Shaming / Mom Shaming pictures!  I’ll share photos once a week on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  Email me your pictures at and put “SHAME” in the Subject line!



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  1. Liz says

    If you haven’t gotten the pink out out of your rug yet, try this: 1 part water/1 part hydrogen peroxide and a big squirt of Dawn. It even gotten old stains out of my rug.

    • Stacey McDonald says

      Any idea if it works on old pet “stains?” The previous owners had a dog & I have a horrible stain in one room that won’t come out for anything. Thanks!

      • TKK says

        Old Pet stains, you might be SOL… However, I’ve had pretty good luck with something called “Nature’s Miracle” for getting up cat puke that was hidden behind the sofa, AND had a sweater dragged into it. (You get the stuff in a big bottle or spray bottle at the pet supply store, it’s a bit spendy, but it will totally wipe out the smell, of cat pee that has dried… )

  2. says

    These were all so hilarious! Thanks for the shout out, Susan! You know, my 4-year-old is pretty good with the camera. Is he too young to get a photography business going? Wouldn’t that be awesome? You arrive for your photo shoot and it’s a 4-year-old standing there telling you where to sit and cross your hands.

  3. says

    It’s nice to see so much shame huddled together in one place – LOVE the idea of a Shame Corner! Thanks for including my pic – I’ll feel a lot more loved and understood the next time I’m crouching in the shower with a snack.

  4. says

    What she calls a “Puke Bucket”, I call the “Get Better Bucket” because it makes my wife laugh.

    The “Get Better Bucket” also happens to be one of those green buckets that you buy Maxx Cat litter in, the ones with the picture of a cat who looks like it’s about to puke. I use that mainly for the laughs as well.

    Cause I’m Dr Dad, and I say laughter and ginger ale are the best medicine!

  5. says

    I’d love to join the shame-a-thon but my kids are grown and now actually enjoy telling people about my bad behavior so I figure we’re even. Though my son does sometimes resent that I told him it was against the law for anyone to own a dog who hadn’t gone to kindergarten just to postpone getting a dog as long as we could. Also for when he said his friends had dogs saying “Then your friends are criminals’.

  6. Lauren says

    I found you through Crappy Pictures, and I’m literally crying while reading these. So funny! and I feel slightly less like a terrible mother… thanks to all!

  7. lisa says

    Wow that was awesome. I knew I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a nap instead of taking the kids to school (jk). thanks for the laugh

  8. says

    I am slightly obsessed with dogshaming, but my husband made me promise not to submit photos of our dogs. I’m not sure if he thinks it would embarrass them, or him, but reading those is my guaranteed laugh for the day.

  9. TKK says

    I don’t have any dog, or toddler “absolute disaster” stories for you. (but don’t ask me about the last time I scrubbed the bathtub, how much laundry needs to be folded and put away– any bonuses for knowing that the stuff in the baskets IS clean? etc… )

    However, a few years ago, when my younger cat was about 12-16 weeks old (a new adoptee from the shelter)
    i went to take a nap because I was feeling ill, next thing I know he’s meowing sadly, and is on top of me…. black kitten covered with little white dots. Looks like one of those snowcap candies.

    Well, you know though squishy neckroll pillows, they’re filled with little teeny staticky balls of styrofoam,
    I vaccumed off the kitten, I bathed the kitten…… washed all my bedding. I was pulling little white balls out of my hair for MONTHS.

  10. says

    Oh my good God, this is hilaious, especially the hungover Mom who threw up on her baby!!!! I just shared this on my Blog’s Facebook page! Told everyone they would love you!
    My Twintastic Life

  11. says

    I saw Jess Watson’s coloring picture and now I’m pissed I didn’t get in on this! Count me in for future shaming. I’ve got loads (and I ain’t talkin’ laundry, either)


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