Making Memories…

making memories 1

I bet that I’m going to need a vacation from my vacation, but we sure are having fun… Although it’s been hot, humid, and I’ve been sporting my beach hair (seriously, it’s providing as much shade as an umbrella), we’ve still been hitting the beach. Really, as long as you’re in or right next to […]

Vacation Tips for Other Gluttons

vacation tip palmers cocoa butter

It’s “vacation” time again – and because this is a family trip I of course use the word vacation loosely. Sure, we’ll be at the beach and my husband is supposed to have off work for the week, so as far as that goes, yes it’s a vacation.  But with three little kids, there isn’t […]

Worst Cruise Director Ever

Dog eyebrows

It was just 7:28am on the first Monday of summer break when I heard those two words that made me cringe. I’m bored! I continued to sip my first cup of coffee, which we all know is the most critical cup of the day, just watching the rain hit the window as I processed those […]

Just a Kiss

just a kiss

My back ached a little but I remained hunched over thinking how there are few things less pleasant than being splashed in the face by toilet water when you’re getting sick… Unless it’s when you’re helping someone else get sick like I was… Only a few days before I had one of those Mom premonitions […]