Here’s my excuse (and a bunch of others too) since you asked, Maria Kang.

Another day, another thing the internet is up in arms about…

This week it’s a photo of fitness expert, and 32 yr old mother of three, Maria Kang.

Maria posted a photo on Facebook that went viral and it has since started a firestorm of controversy (because is there any other kind of controversy available on the internet?).

Here’s her picture which some accuse her of bordering on fat shaming:


I’ll be honest, when I first saw this photo, I laughed.

What’s so funny about it?

Well, the very first place I saw the photo was a post by my friend Karen at Baby Sideburns and of course it came with a hilarious retort.

Then I read several other posts on the photo, some from people that I knew and others I did not.  I also read a response or two from Maria, and I let it all soak in before I drew my own opinion (which I plan on keeping to myself).

I will say this though, I think that we should remember Maria is in the business of fitness.  I haven’t met any personal trainers or fitness folks that have ever said, “Well, Susan, you’re perfect the way you are, and if you’re happy on the inside that’s all that counts even if you’re squishy on the outside…”

Psssssst – There’s no money in that!

Also, whether or not I agree with her method, which truth be told I don’t personally feel it’s the best way to help someone achieve a healthier lifestyle, I’m still not going to judge her for her rock hard abs any more than I would judge anyone else for being “overweight.”

Because that was the other part of the firestorm – Maria is creating an unrealistic image of a woman’s body after motherhood!

She is?

I mean, maybe she’s being sort of a dick about it (at least that’s how I felt about the apology she gave), but why can’t women be fit after motherhood?  I know plenty of Moms that are in better shape now then they were before they had kids…and plenty who aren’t (ahem, like me).

Maybe it’s because of genetics…

Maybe it’s because of health reasons…

Or maybe they’re like my friends and I who are not only totally okay with having plenty of excuses, but they’re embracing them…

I had 3 kids in just under 4yrs, I don’t make time to exercise, oh, and I love my bedtime snacks.

what's your excuse

Frugalista Blog has the perfect number of excuses, and nipples, depending on who you ask.

Frugalista Blog Excuse

I’ll have to remember this from Baby Sideburns next time I squirt salad dressing in my mouth.

Baby Sideburns Excuse

649.133: Girls, the Care and Maintenance of does her excuses like a boss…or an employee. Either way…

649.133 Girls, the Care and Maintenance of

Honest Mom wants you to think of the children!

Honest Mom Excuse

It’s almost like Ellen from Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms is in my house.

Sisterhood of the sensible moms excuse

I’m not sure how Suburban Snapshots could say no to that face…and I’m glad she didn’t even try.

Suburban Snapshots Excuse

Speaking of things I couldn’t say no to, I wouldn’t judge if Binkies and Briefcases had four…

Binkies and Briefcases excuse

Okay, one more sweet one from Kissing the Frog.  Some excuses are legit.

Kissing the Frog excuse

Speaking of legit, if you know Nikki from Moms Who Drink and Swear, you know this is 100% real.

moms who drink and swear excuse

I wonder if Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Artist knows that irony is high in calories?

Nicole Leigh Shaw Tyop Artist excuse

HouseTalkN said it, we were all thinking it – Duh, Maria!

housetalkn excuse

And hey, not all my friends make excuses – Bad Parenting Moments doesn’t! She’s an inspiration!

bad parenting moments excuse

I’ll end on this note:

Remember, the whole it’s okay to be okay week?  Let’s try to keep that rolling.  Let’s not try to make other people feel bad about themselves (no matter the motive or reason even if it’s helping people get healthy), and let’s all try to be okay with what we’ve got.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not Maria’s opinion that counts…

It’s mine.

Well, not mine, I meant yours…

Your own opinion about yourself…

The hell with her or anyone else that’s trying to make you feel bad about yourself is what I’m trying to say!

Rock what you got, Mamas!

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How about you?  Do you have excuses?  Share them in the comments!  You’re among friends here!



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  1. says

    My excuse? I like my boobies. I like them to feel like they have a permanent squooshy ginormous home on the top half of my body, even if they do like to vacation to my bellybutton sometimes.

  2. says

    I’m actually just happy. I’ve been super-dee-dooper fit. And I’ve been super-dee-dooper flab. Now? I do like to exercise and plan in it, but I’ve been busy with other stuff. That’s life.

    Good in Maria for being fabulous. Just stop assuming we all want that, m’kay, Kang?

  3. says

    Well done! Good for Maria that she’s where she wants to be and you handled her being a dick about it in the perfect way. I’m quite happy with my plushly upholstered self and don’t need an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast.

  4. says

    This is the best response I’ve seen thus far. Love it! My excuse is that on my current personal hierarchy of needs, exercise comes pretty much last (that is, the kind that you do outside of chasing around and/or wearing three babes under three years old, and dressing, bathing, feeding, changing, and otherwise micromanaging every aspect of their care nearly 24/7). I can’t even keep my house clean. Exercise? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  5. says

    I also told myself “no excuses.” I run. I lift weights. I juice. I’m doing Tough Mudder (again) in two weeks.

    I think the “excuse” verbiage is directed at those who whine about not being happy with their weight… but don’t do anything about it, a.k.a they make excuses.

    On the other hand, if you’re happy with how you look and feel, then just keep on rockin’ it and pay no attention to that woman behind the six-pack abs. 😉

    • says

      Thank you, Kristen for getting it. I’m not here to bash Maria. I think it’s amazing that she’s able to have the kind of stamina, knowledge, and whatever the hell else it takes to look like that…but I’m not going to look like that, I never have (before or after kids), and I’m okay with it.

      With so many issues (especially on the internet), people are so polarized. I feel like she’s doing a job (and a good one at that) at bringing attention to her program/page. I also think that you can be healthy and in shape, but not look like her …and I think it’s important for people (especially young girls) to know that if you do that’s great and if you don’t look like her that’s okay too.

      EVERYONE needs to be happy with who they are…

      And good luck in the tough mudder race!!!

  6. says

    YOU LADIES MADE MY MONTH! Thank you for doing this, that was a much needed LOL!

    My excuse? Life happens a little too much around here. And I like chocolate. And wine. And saltine crackers… There is an unabridged version of that list existing somewhere on the internets.

  7. Ash says

    Really? People are THIS butthurt?

    Here’s a reality check: you “don’t want to miss” your kid eating ice cream? How about when you wind up in an early grave because you’re sitting in bed eating cookies/bacon flakes/Froot Loops/etc? What all will you miss then? I have a parent who blew caution and their health to the wind. That parent now has diabetes, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, required an emergency open-heart surgery, and is on dialysis. You want to know how wonderful that is? I have to face the reality my dad will probably never live to see grandchildren because he didn’t take care of himself. Yeah, it’s a really wonderful thing for you to do to your children.

    Please, keep the tongue-in-cheek “excuses” coming. I’m sure your kids will be SO HAPPY that you stood up for yourself to some chick on the Internet when they’re arranging your funeral in their early 20s. At least you didn’t let some woman you don’t even know make you feel bad, because THAT would just be terrible.

    I also don’t want to see mommy bloggers who have time to sit and complain about a complete stranger say they “don’t have time.”

    • says

      So if we don’t look like her, we must be unhealthy? Because I’m actually right where I need to be with my BMI (despite the cookies in bed), I have low cholesterol, low blood pressure, and by medical standards I’m healthy.

      And you know what else will kill you?


      If a Mommy Blogger’s “tongue-in-cheek “excuses” gets you this riled up, exercise isn’t going to cure what ails you.

    • says

      I am sorry for your experience. These are funny (and healthy!) women just trying to make you laugh. Someone here is “butthurt” but it isn’t us.

  8. Mark says

    What a bunch of jealous women we have here. It’s funny how you make all these excuses about why you can’t do the things it takes to have the body Maria has, yet you all stand in front of a mirror and wish you didn’t look the way you do. Probably afraid to been seen by your husbands with the light on, too. I think it’s sad that you all bash on someone who actually makes time to stay healthy and fit rather than make excuses. Unfortunately, most all of you with the ‘excuses’ fit right into what society has become — lazy and quick to ridicule others. Even when those ‘others’ are doing nothing but trying to improve their health and well-being.

    • says

      I’m assuming you didn’t actually read the post, Mark. But then again, you’re fitting in nicely with what the internet commenters have become. We all have a part I suppose.

    • says

      It was more a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of making yourself feel good by making others feel bad with a direct and inflammatory challenge. Picture someone looking at your bank account and saying, “What’s your excuse?” You reply, “But I can pay my bills!” Judger repiles, “But if you worked your lazy ass more, you could have a big house with a pool instead of that adequate crapshack you live in.”

      If you take a good look at the photos, no one looks like they are teetering on morbid obesity. I was posed by the exercise bike dressed in workout gear because guess what? I was going for a run. And guess what again? I didn’t even have to announce it on Facebook and it still happened.


    • says

      Mark, you have no idea what you’re even talking about and you’re talking about both sides of your ass. (If you hate lazy and judgmental people then you probably shouldn’t look in the mirror, because you took 2 minutes out of your rigorous agenda to read this bit of fluff and then another 2 minutes to craft your judgmental response). I know each of these ladies and there isn’t a jealous bone in their bodies. They didn’t bash your precious Maria or call her names. They answered her question, in the best way possible – with HUMOR. They are HUMORISTS. They crack jokes and make people laugh – usually at their own expense. I don’t know where you left your sense of humor, but you should probably go find it and stop hanging around here.

      • Mark says

        Thanks for pointing that our Jen. The reason I’m “hanging around here” is because this page blew up my facebook page and it was hard to miss. It’s funny how you label me as lazy and judgmental yet you are ‘talking about both sides of your ass’ by being judgmental about me. This post didn’t bash Maria, but says that she is maybe being a dick about it? C’mon Jen, see past the bias. But don’t worry, I’ll take your advice and stop hanging around here because some people are a little too sensitive. No need to reply, ’cause I won’t see it.

  9. says

    Okay, okay, it’s my kid eating ice cream. And guess what? Today he is a healthy kindergartner who plays soccer, basketball, baseball, and rollerblades. With that level of activity, and me chasing him around, I doubt either of us are getting diabetes any time soon. And for the record, my hubby sees me naked all the time. He loves me and what my body has been through. A little ice cream isn’t going to kill any of us, folks.

  10. says

    How can you not LOVE the domestic diva!? As for Maria, I think she’s kick ass. Who wouldn’t be proud of that body after three kids? Of course, I’m probably a litlte biased as I’m a big time fitness enthusiast so I enjoy seeing photos of people looking all toned and sexy. In any case, Maria’s not creating an unrealistic image of a woman’s body after motherhood, not at all. She has just proven to be someone who is dedicated and focused on fine tuning her body, as most personal trainers are. I say GO Maria!

  11. says

    Oh good crap that was awesome!!! What’s my excuse? Well, if I eat too healthy and have one meal that is not, helloo sharts! I call it junk food exposure therapy. So you see, I eat crappy so my pants won’t be.
    (I’m just kidding! I am pro health and all that, I just don’t like putting unrealistic expectations on myself; that’s my fitness trainers job.

  12. says

    Hey, she asked a question- we answered. And if she wants to come work out with me, I would love it! Whoever said the comment about Asian is dead on! Asians are tiny! Northern Europeans are not. Yes, I’m generalizing. Oh my gosh!! And thank you Domestic Diva, for pointing out the fact that you don’t have to look like Maria to be healthy. My BMI is right on, my blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels are all great. And yet, I’m right around a size 8 and I work hard at a lot of things. I just won’t be a fitness model.
    Really people, get a sense of humor. If Jimmy Kimmel did this- the world would be laughing. But we are just jealous women who give our husbands blow jobs in the dark because we’re too ashamed to put the lights on. Or whatever that dude up there said.

  13. says

    I believe that people love to get their panties in a twist over everyfrickinthing possible.
    Hey, good for Maria for getting back in shape after all 3 kids…FOR HER JOB. If it was my career choice, too, I’d make it a top priority as well. But it’s not. So that’s my excuse: different priorities. BOOM.

  14. Sarah Sharp says

    It is amusing that the middle child appears to be emerging from her vagina during the photo shoot. That’s getting rid of the baby weight with a quickness!!! For me, this ad is motivating. It says put down your to do list and work out if that would give you joy for whatever reason. Health, hot-ness, stress relief….etc. Is it the word excuse that’s so offensive? Why assume she’s speaking to overweight people? Being fit doesn’t mean she automatically loathes people who aren’t her clone.

  15. Sarah Kent says

    As a mom of a 16 month old and a full time student yep that is my excuse. I am in my final year of my bachelor of fine arts and spend most of my days and night in the studio trying to meet my deadlines. I am racked with guilt on not being with my husband and child as it is, so there no time left to go and spend two plus hours at the gym let alone make a green healthy smoothie or what not. I was a gym rat before getting pregnant because I had the time, but looked nothing like her. I would love to be able to workout, but it is not part of my present reality. Thank you Susan for posting this. I am not happy with my body as it is but having pics like Maria’s is not very helpful. I would also like to add that all the pics from all the other bloggers everyone looks healthy.

  16. says

    I agree with Maria Keng! I am a mother of a 4 year old, you have to want it to achieve it, sounds like all of you other mothers are just looking for something to bitch about. Just because she is in the fitness industry doesn’t mean she has an advantage, it takes maybe a half hour a day to work out. I applaud her for what she is doing because mothers CAN be fit and healthy after child birth. You just have to get off your ass and do it.

    • says

      I’m confused about where I’m bitching? Did you even read the post? I applauded her too. And I agree and already said that Moms can be fit and healthy also. Careful – you almost sound like you agree with me.

  17. Stephanie Potter says

    She has worked hard to achieve her current state of health and she should be. I’m a mom of 4 and embarked on the journey of getting healthy 2 years ago. It’s hard work and 65 pounds later I’m proud of myself too. I love to motivate others and think that is what she was trying to do. The people that are making the excuses are the ones who are all up in arms about this. They will continue to make excuses and be angry at those who call them on it. The choice is yours. It’s your life. I’ve been on both sides and a healthier state will make you happier. Eating crap and not exercising will likely buy you heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or stroke. In the end it’s a quality of life issue and not a physical image, that’s just the bonus not to mention the mental boost of self esteem. There will always be haters out there.

    • says

      You should be proud of yourself, and if you read the post you’d know I think it’s awesome what she achieved as well.

      We’re trying to bring a little humor to the situation. But I can tell you that I was a size 14 after I had my first of three kids, and now I’m a size 4…but I love me some cookies. I also am at the right BMI, low cholesterol, low blood pressure, etc. So before you claim that I’m “angry” or feel like I’m “calling her out” maybe you should READ the post. Just because I’m poking fun at the picture, and obviously myself, doesn’t mean I’m a hater or that I’m unhealthy. How do you know if I do or don’t workout? Healthy people can’t eat cookies? And if I didn’t feel good about myself and have good self esteem, I never would have posted this…after posting this there are just as many people (like yourself) who are up in arms over this that are “inspired” by it. Again if you actually read the post you’d see that I think we all need to be okay with who we are whether it’s someone who has achieved a superior level of fitness (like some of my friends who are also mothers which i mention), or if you don’t. It’s not for you or me or Maria to judge. And if I want to laugh at myself, then that’s my choice too…of you don’t want to laugh along, move along (and that’s okay too).

  18. says

    Ha, Ha, I needed that! Now I wish I had made one of those pictures myself!

    I say, Go girl! I bust my a$$ to try to look like that and maybe I will and maybe I won’t … why is either one her fault? I say moms need to support moms. We’re all doing our best. Period

    • says

      I agree – and the point of this post was to say just that – we’re all doing our best and at the end of the day we need to be okay with ourselves. Period.

  19. mariah says

    I wasn’t offended by her picture nor did I think she was shaming moms who aren’t in shape. My excuse is I birthed three babies in 11 months. Yes you read that right. I had no time or energy to do reps. While I am not upset with her pic, I am jealous. She must have someone to watch her kids while she does her workouts. I always had my kids…because the people I did have to watch them thought it selfish of me to want to do anything without them. Now that they are in school, I have the time. But I find I’d rather craft and bake…make homemade costumes for the kids. My BMI is normal, I do have my jiggly areas but am fine with it. If my doc said you are at an unhealthy weight, I’d put more focus on it. But I think I deserve to relax a little while they are at school, take it slow.