Trifecta of Tattling

Yesterday, while the kids were at school, I went to pillage sort the their Valentine’s Day candy.  Any sort of organizing that may result in their belongings being thrown out is always best done when they’re not at home.

I also prefer to eat their candy slowly so I can savor it, as opposed to quickly, in one bite, while hiding in a dark closet so having them not present is crucial.

Each of my three kids each had a large bag full of cards and goodies, but as I worked through the them I was increasingly disappointed with the bounty that was before me.

The majority of the candy on the table, 19 pieces in fact, were packages of Fun Dip.  In case you don’t know what Fun Dip is, it’s a .5oz packet of colored sugar that you eat with a sugar stick.

Now, I don’t consider myself a health nut by any stretch of the imagination, but I draw the line at sugar packets eaten with sugar sticks especially given the amount of time we’ve been spending indoors due to bad weather.  Besides, feeding them 19 packets of sugar, over any period of time, would probably get me in trouble with the dentist and Wilford Brimley, not to mention it would probably turn all Lord of the Flies up in here (again).

So like the good mother I am, I threw it out before the kids got home…but forgot to take out the trash.

So when my six year old saw all that sugary goodness tossed in the trash he was really mad.  I tried to tell him about Wilford Brimley and show him all the candy they did have left, but he didn’t care

valentine's day candy

 Seriously, there’s plenty left over.

Not impressed hearing about rotting teeth, which he argued he needed to lose anyway, he huffed off, and I went about the usual after school business.  Later, the six year old returned with a letter.  I think it gives a firm, but fair indication of what will happen should I choose to toss any of his candy again in the future.

kid notes

 Next time I may just think twice, that’s like the trifecta of tattling – Santa, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop.

Did your kids get any good candy they can “share?”  Leave me a comment and let me know!



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  1. mariah says

    They got loads of fun dip too! I used to like it as a kids but now it makes me feel sick. I made their valentine’s, with little colorful tubes of bubbles. They actually enjoyed their own more than the candy.