My Spring Checklist

Happy first day of Spring!

I don’t know about you, but after a snowy and seemingly longer than usual winter, I’m welcoming Spring with open arms!

The extended hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and blooming flowers are just a few things I’ve been looking forward to for months!

Spring doesn’t come without a list of things to do, however, so I thought I’d share some of the things I take care of once we change seasons.

Yellow tulip field in the Netherlands

1.  Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

2.  Change the air filters in your heating/cooling units.

3.  Make sure suntan lotion from last year hasn’t expired, if it has, buy new sunscreen.

4. For allergy sufferers, make sure you have prescription or over the counter medicines ready for the pollen-filled days just ahead.

5.  Start vegetable seedlings indoors.

6.  Go through kid’s clothing to make sure they have warmer weather apparel that still fits from last season.  Almost always they don’t, so go buy new Spring/Summer clothes for kids.

7.  Spring Cleaning!  Start off by intending to have a yard sale, move old clothing, toys and household items to the garage.  Let items sit there for 3-8 weeks before doing a large Goodwill donation.


9.  Don’t even think of wearing sandals before getting a professional grade pedicure.

10. Purchase new razors or necessary tool(s) for the first Spring Shave.  If shaving indoors, purchase Drano or other product to unclog winter’s growth from drains, or consider the first shave outdoors with a garden hose (as suggested by my husband a couple years ago.  He was also kind enough to buy me the “new razors” I had on the shopping list).

Spring Check List

What am I missing?  Leave me a comment and let me know if you have a Spring checklist too!



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  1. says

    11. Buy your toddler a gift.
    12. No toddler? Find one.
    13. Un-donate all of my clothes right now. Mine. Mine. Mine.
    14. “Shaving?” Me try?