Give me a sign

Earlier this week I was looking through baby nursery decor – no, I’m not pregnant again – it was for a client’s social media, and I came across this Baby Sentiment Plaque from Pottery Barn Kids.

Sweet, right?

Not that the sentiments on the sign aren’t true, but I started thinking about more realistic signs, especially for first time parents.  So I came up with a few of my own that I thought Pottery Barn Kids might want to market for the soon-to-be parents who are more rooted in reality.

How about a sign about napping?

Nursery composition

Or maybe a sign about poop.

Nursery composition

Sleep is such a lovely sentiment when you have a baby. Why not put it on a plaque?

Nursery composition

But wait, you just may want to hang on to those sleepless nights a little while longer because of what’s coming your way next…

Nursery composition

I’m not poking fun at this kind of decor, just so you know.  In fact, last week, before I even came across the Pottery Barn Kids wall plaque, I found one at Pier 1 that I liked for my house.  The only problem is, I don’t know quite where the Live the Dream Wall Plaque goes best…

Over the kitchen sink?

Live the Dream Plaque

In the laundry pile(s)?

Live the Dream Laundry

In the kid’s bathroom?

PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE (because I’m too lazy to clean the bathroom in order to put a picture of it on the internet)

What kind of realistic wall plaque do you think Pottery Barn Kids should make?  What would yours say?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  Also accepting ideas for where to hang my Live the Dream sign.  So many choices…

Pretty sure Pottery Barn Kids will pick one of these up…unlike my realistic Barbie ideas that Mattel still hasn’t called me to get rolling.  Also still waiting on Clorox and Purell to call for anyone keeping score.



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