10 Father’s Day Gifts So Bad They’re Awesome 2014

Moms had their turn with my Bad Mother’s Day Gifts, which can only mean on thing – it’s time to show the love to Dads now!

10 Father's Day Gifts So Bad They're Awesome

1. Meggings (Man Leggings) – A garment of controversy, leggings walk a fine line between pants and undergarments, but why should women be the only ones to push the boundaries of appropriate apparel?  With Meggings, leggings specifically designed for men, fellas can liberate themselves from conventional dress.  Great for the hipster Dad or any Father who just doesn’t give a flying fashion statement.

Meggings 10 Father's Day Gifts so bad they're actually awesome

2.  Denim Bikini SwimwearSpeaking of pushing the fashion envelope, Dad will be making waves this summer in these denim swim briefs!  Nothing is more manly than a pair of waterproof jeans, so hang on to your banana hammocks because this swimwear is “sexy.”

Denim Swimwear for Dad 10 Father's Day Gifts so bad they're awesome

3.  Cruzin Cooler – Does the Dad in your life hate walking, but love cold beverages?  Well, with the Cruzin Cooler your Dad can enjoy a cold beverage while cruising along at distances of up to 10 miles on the electric models. Great for sporting events, hunting, fishing, and I know my husband would have loved one of these on our recent trip to Disney World.

cruzin cooler 10 father's day gifts so bad they're awesome

4.  Uro Club –  Dads who golf are going to have to pee, that’s just par for the course.  But now Dad can do it discreetly while on the course with the Uro Club!  He just needs to clip on the privacy towel, unscrew the cap and go!  It’s public urination at its finest!

uro club 10 Bad Father's Day Gifts So Bad They're Awesome

5. Shakoolie – Showering can really get in the way of enjoying a cold brewski, but not anymore thanks to the Shakoolie Shower Beer Holder.

shakoolie 10 Father's Day Gifts so bad they're awesome

6.  Loo Read –  Like many other spouses, I always find myself asking, “How can I get my husband to spend more time in the bathroom?!”  Well, with this handy dandy Loo Read, Dads everywhere can enjoy even more time alone on the throne!

Loo Read 10 Father's Day Gifts So Bad They're Awesome

7.  Shittens –  Since Dad will be spending all that extra time in the bathroom, best to ensure he’ll be as sanitary as possible.  With these mitten shaped wipes, he can get the benefit of a full hand cleaning without the crappy contamination. Special thanks to Typpi Swaims for sending me this “gift” …I think.

shittens 10 Father's Day Gifts so bad they're awesome

8. Knight Sweatshirt Is the Dad on your shopping list a huge Game of Thrones fan?  Let him feel like he’s part of the King’s Guard in this armored sweatshirt!  He’ll be as comfortable as he is brave, and it’s only around$225.00!

knight sweatshirt 10 father's day gifts so bad they're awesome

9.  Wearable Sleeping Bag –  Similar to how I feel about letting my husband spend as much time as possible in the bathroom, I want him to be able to lay down and rest whenever possible.  With this wearable sleeping bag he’ll be ready to sleep like a baby no matter where he is!

Wearable Sleeping Bag 10 Father's Day Gifts So Bad They're Awesome

10.  Human Slingshot –  How could this be a bad idea?  Dad, along with several of his friends (or kids), can bounce each other around on the inside of this giant stretchable band like human pinballs!  Grab your friends, your medical insurance cards, and let’s go!

human slingshot 10 Father's Day Gifts So Bad They're Awesome

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So what do you think? Will you be buying any of these gifts for the Dads on your list?  Leave me a comment and let me know!



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