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You can find the back story on Self Shaming / Mom Shaming here, but the short of it is I’m not one to throw stones.  Before submitting a picture of my dog Baxter to, and while laughing my ass off at Mommy Short’s Baby Shaming, I did some Self Shaming too.  If nothing else, I thought that was the fair thing to do…

Apparently, I’m not the only one willing to let my shame hang out either!  Some of my favorite Bloggers started Self Shaming/Mom Shaming too!  But I don’t want to excluded anyone here, so at the Shame Corner if you’re willing to share your shame, whether you’re a Mom, a Dad, not a parent at all, a professional, a pirate, or whatever, all are welcome!  I’ll be featuring one Self-Shamer each week!  So if you’ve got shame and you want to share, come join us in the Shame Corner!  Better out than in, I always say!

For a chance to be featured, email me a photo to with “SHAME” in the subject line.  Each Self Shamer gets their photo shared on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, and will also be pictured below on the Great Wall of Shame.

Now if I could only get my shame to turn into motivation so I could start getting my laundry put away…

Great Wall of Shame

Broken #Resolution by @LetMeStart for @NoDomesticDiva

Kim’s kids are total Halloween rock stars, or she must be a slow eater because I ran out of Halloween Candy before Thanksgiving! Either way, I’m totally jealous! But with such a great stash of junk food, this was a resolution made to be broken! Catch up with Kim on her blog, Let Me Start by Saying!

resolution shame

Our First Mom Shaming Video courtesy of Ninja Mom Blog:

My favorite Dare-Dance Blogger, Kerry from HouseTalkN, is no stranger to Mom Shaming, and she's bringing it back for 2013...although, when she decided to bring sexy back, Dick Clark wasn't what she was expecting.  No matter what, I think she's still fabulous, and maybe she'll adopt my new mantra - Pale. It's the new tan.

My favorite Dare-Dance Blogger, Kerry from HouseTalkN, is no stranger to Mom Shaming, and she’s bringing it back for 2013…although, when she decided to bring sexy back, Dick Clark wasn’t what she was expecting. No matter what, I think she’s still fabulous, and maybe she’ll adopt my new mantra – Pale. It’s the new tan.


Maggie F. shares her holiday shame, but I say it’s all fair game when it comes to getting the kids in bed early…and who hasn’t forgotten to move the Elf? Great excuse, and I think I’ll be using this next time I forget to move our Troll!

Just like their site, The Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms, it’s double the fun – and in this case, double the shame. Keep on Shamin’, Sisters!

Gina from SAHM’s The Word, shares her shame, and one of the untold other benefits of breast feeding. If you ask me, this is totally legit! Shame on, Mama!

It’s a natural disaster, and I’m not just talking about my hair….so is it Mom Shame or is it fair game?

Like I said, it’s not just for Moms, we know Dad’s have shame too! This Dad, part of the Safely family, shares his own Self Shaming picture! My own husband took a look, and asked, “You mean a baby wipe isn’t sufficient?” There you have it!


I wasn’t even looking at the mess in Suburban Snapshot’s room, I was digging her fabulous boots!

This? This is only one of a million reasons I love MotherhoodWTF!

If Kim from Let Me Start by Saying… is wrong, then dammit, I don’t want to be right!

Add this to the list of things I should be ashamed of…I feel better knowing someone as fabulous as Naps Happen is doing it too though!

Mommy Shorts and her Baby Shaming was a smash! Safe to say she nailed this too!

We’ve all told the little white lie that HouseTalkN did, so she shouldn’t feel ashamed …unless she didn’t beat those “ladies” to the bargains that is!

What? Ninja Mom cleans them first! Don’t judge!

I’m Still Learning has a thing or two she could teach me…the sniff test sounds scientific, I vote totally legit!

Love this one from Four Plus Angel, and I hope she hung that one on the fridge when she was done!

Toulouse and Tonic’s shame is hilarious and I love her for sharing it!

My Life and Kids is a master of keeping the laundry piles small…and third day’s a charm!

Honest Mom might be honest, but she might also be a tad hypocritical…”do as I say, not as I do” is my motto anyway!

Bad Parenting Moments was planning food preparations for an open house while her daughter was eating expired crackers for lunch…shameful, a little ironic, and pretty damn funny.

Frugalista Blog did say “borrowed” plus it was an emergency. Totally excusable!

Paige Kellerman shouldn’t be held responsible for her actions; she’s got a case of Bieber Fever…she does, however, get BIG bonus points for the “Shame” spelled out in refrigerator magnets in the background!

Hollow Tree Ventures is using one of my favorite hiding spots! No one would suspect you’d eat cookies in there, especially when it needs cleaned! Genius!

Binkies and Briefcases just gave me my next excuse for not shaving….pepper legs. Sounds legit, right?

First of all, Kelley’s Break Room has a talented photographer, especially for only being 4 yrs old…and secondly, who hasn’t skipped a word, okay a paragraph, okay a page(s), every (night) now and again? I’m certainly not judging!

The laundry, and trying to keep up with keeping it clean for five people, stirs a variety of emotions for me, only one of which is shame (but it still doesn’t get it done any faster).

The puppy who started it all…

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    At two years of age, you can bribe them with a cookie. By the time that child’s 8, bribery become a battle of coercion, who can coerce who the most. Today, I bribed the 8yr old to change the 2yr old’s diaper using Starburst as the reward. She refused, as it’s just candy and not worth the cost. I tried again offering her the chance to pick out the next $5 video. She refused, as TV didn’t interest her enough, and wasn’t worth the cost. I went out on a limb, offering markers. She refused, without second though. Apparently, neither of these offers was worth a poopy diaper. So, I offered all three options together…. Still a bribe, though it felt more like coercion at this point. She seemed to know my desperation because she wanted me to throw in her own privacy, something she doesn’t have right now. I then realized that she was coercing me to give her what SHE wanted, using my desperate bribes against me. I told her that I would try and see what I could do, to which she willingly accepted. I now owe my daughter a box of markers, some starburst candies, her choice of any 1 Walmart $5 video, and a lifetime supply of privacy, all at the cost of a dirty diaper. If my actions didn’t already put me to shame, my daughter’s actions sure did.

  2. says

    New Shame: I made my kids forage for their dinner in the kitchen last night while I stayed up late watching anime. This morning I overdramatized a head cold so that my husband would stay home and get the kids to school while I caught up on some ZZZ’s. I am now missing a cake, some bagels, a box of cream cheese, a loaf of bread, a bag of sandwich cheese, a box of mashed potato mix, two gallons of milk, and somebody made off with my comfort food (pot stickers).