Big Ones

I hate when people point out that I have big ones.  Obviously, I’m aware; they are on my body after all. Although,  I cannot blame my kids for this body condition; unlike many other things that are going wrong with my body such as my Tom Selleck Mustache, gray hair and fine lines/wrinkles, my big […]

Lego my Eggo


I’d been having one of those stayed-up-too-late-and-forgot-to-set-the-alarm type mornings, and just as I began to settle down and tried to find my groove, my daughter, who had been out of her highchair for all of three minutes, found, ate and began to choke on some Legos.  Because of my daughter’s tendency to climb, eat, and […]

Diagnosis Unknown

Cecilia Thanksgiving 2010

So my original intention was to do a post on New Year’s Resolutions…three days ago.  Life, as usual, has sidetracked me.  If you read my last post, you know we spent much of our holiday vacation with sick kids.  On Monday, one week after my daughter was seen and treated for an ear infection, she […]

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