Big Ones

I hate when people point out that I have big ones.  Obviously, I’m aware; they are on my body after all. Although,  I cannot blame my kids for this body condition; unlike many other things that are going wrong with my body such as my Tom Selleck Mustache, gray hair and fine lines/wrinkles, my big […]

Lego my Eggo


I’d been having one of those stayed-up-too-late-and-forgot-to-set-the-alarm type mornings, and just as I began to settle down and tried to find my groove, my daughter, who had been out of her highchair for all of three minutes, found, ate and began to choke on some Legos.  Because of my daughter’s tendency to climb, eat, and […]

Diagnosis Unknown

Cecilia Thanksgiving 2010

So my original intention was to do a post on New Year’s Resolutions…three days ago.  Life, as usual, has sidetracked me.  If you read my last post, you know we spent much of our holiday vacation with sick kids.  On Monday, one week after my daughter was seen and treated for an ear infection, she […]

Sometimes my crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear


I hate being right all the time. Seriously, I do.  I wish that some of my “predictions” would not come true, especially those about how I would be spending my holiday.  The week before Christmas is when my first premonition came to me.  I was standing with my three year old in his preschool class, […]

State your purpose, son

first five

Parents often document their child’s first year in a baby book/calendar and some even record the child’s milestones through early adolescence.  Each of my own children has a “First Five Years” book that catalogs all the milestones that happen from birth through Kindergarten.  The beginning of each book is full of spaces and pages for […]

Zombie Mom


I am Zombie Mom. No, it’s not my Halloween costume for this weekend, it’s my current state of being.  As a parent we all go through periods of little sleep, and when you have kids and things go wrong, you often find when it rains it pours.  Well, it’s been like biblical flooding the last […]

Excuse me, your son just licked my baby

I always feel a bit anxious before taking my kids to the doctors, even if it is just for a well check up.  Maybe it’s knowing they’ll be crying as soon as we get in the exam room, maybe it’s because of the shots they’ll have to have, or maybe it’s my germaphobia and it’s […]

Public Potties are a Nightmare


Tuesday morning, after yelling at Joey to stop playing Curious George games on until 11pm the night before, I literally had to drag him out of bed to get to the doctor’s office for his physical.  Although he was not happy to hear me barking orders at him early in the morning, he was […]

Thems my balls…

Jake hopes the old adage is true, and that an apple a day will actually keep the doctor away

I hurried around the house, looking for items to bring to the doctor’s office. I had the usual items in the diaper bag, but searched for items to distract and occupy Jake at his appointment. As I quickly tried to get at least one cup of coffee in my system, I said a silent prayer […]

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