10 Horrible Gifts for the Holidays 2011 Edition


I can’t decide whether or not you all have a fabulous sense of humor, or you’re all a bunch of jerks giving shitty gifts for the holidays… Either way, welcome to the 2nd annual Horrible Gifts for the Holidays! If you’re new here, I suggest reading the back-story to this fabulously awful event, How One […]

Sometimes my crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear


I hate being right all the time. Seriously, I do.  I wish that some of my “predictions” would not come true, especially those about how I would be spending my holiday.  The week before Christmas is when my first premonition came to me.  I was standing with my three year old in his preschool class, […]

Rinse and Repeat

One of my favorite Gary Larson cartoons, "How Nature says 'Do not Touch."

I’m not a cuddler, I don’t like snuggling, and I need my own space in order to sleep.  Some people prefer to be coddled and held not just at bed time, but also when they’re sick or not feeling well.  Perhaps there was a time in my life when I was like this too, but […]

Terrible Gifts for the Holidays


After an overwhelming response to the post, “How One Pair of Men’s Extra Large Thong Underwear Sparked a Holiday Tradition” I decided that since I had already selected my horrible gifts for this year’s exchanges that I will help you all out as well.  I complied a list of terrible gifts which i came across […]

How one pair of men’s extra large thong underwear sparked a family tradition

Joanna and Ramon with a mall Santa. Yes, she took him to the mall and had to ask Santa, in front of all the children, if she and her blow up doll could have a photo with him. Obviously, Santa has a sense of humor.

A number of years ago, my cousin, Joanna,  attended a gift exchange at work with a group of rather demented coworkers.  As she examined a table full of gifts, she believed she was making a safe choice by selecting a gift that was shaped like a DVD.  Upon opening said gift, she actually found herself […]