What’s bugging you?

Can you imagine what would happen if a bunch of bugs penetrated my afro?!  It would be like a bug party and I'd have to shave it off and just start over. I may be posting bald pictures soon.

Friday the 13th started as most others did. The chipper chimes of my phone’s alarm annoyed me from my slumber.  I begrudgingly turned on the shower and began the start of another day.  This morning, in addition to being unlucky because of the date, would prove to be another busy day between schools, shopping, yard […]


The giant Rocket Jungle Gym that nearly gave me an anxiety attack. Please picture 100+ kids ALL on this at once. It happened.

This has been one of those weeks where I’m feeling like I’m being tested daily (and not just as a parent).   There’s been no shortage of bloggable material, but to be perfectly honest, I just haven’t felt like sitting down and writing about it.  Aside from this week being incredible busy with a ton […]

Mommy Poppins

Joey on Kite Day

Today was “Kite Day” with Joey’s Kindergarten class.  Kite Day, in case you didn’t know, involves every child bringing in a kite and all of them running around in an open field flying them at the same time (or at least trying to).  Kite Day, my friends, is even more fun than you’re imagining it […]

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